Creative Encounters

These visual arts workshops offer participants the opportunity to discover and use creative means to express their spiritual and emotional experiences and to explore their past and present circumstances. No previous art experience is necessary.
Awakening the Creative Spirit
This small-group workshop is designed to engage up to six participants in a creative process that can bring insight and perspective to persons struggling with a particular problem or issue. Using a combination of artistic expression and journaling, the process can often increase the participant's inner awareness and spiritual discernment of God's presence in the midst of their life circumstances.These workshops are conducted in a contemplative style, with opportunity for reflection, worship, creative activity, and group process.
Worship Through Creative Expression
This workshop is specifically designed for church groups who wish to engage in artistic expression as an act of worship. Offered as a half-day or full day experience.
Therapeutic Art Expression Workshops
This is a structured art experience for persons who wish to express themselves through drawing, paint, collage, clay, or sculpture. It would be appropriate for persons who are experiencing depression, loss, anxiety, or trauma. Suggested settings would be domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, hospitals, rehabilitation settings, or assisted living centers.
Art Retreats
This Creative Encounter is held at lodge facilities in North Georgia. It combines creative expression with devotional and Biblical teaching, times of solitude, group activities, worship, and group sharing. Participants will have opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
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