What happens in counseling?

Dallas Willard, in his book, Renovation of the Heart, wrote: "We live from our depths—most of which we do not understand." As we begin counseling, our primary objective is to try to understand as fully as possible the things that have brought you to therapy, and any underlying causes behind them. We will then use treatment methods that have been validated by research or clinical experience.
In general, most sessions involve talking about your life issues, and so require active involvement by both you and your therapist. Therapy is an individualized experience: You will work together with your therapist to identify areas of your thinking, feeling, or acting that you would like to understand and change. There may be times when your therapist may suggest special activities to be completed during the session or at home to deepen your learning. Examples of these might be readings from books, watching a video or movie, or using creative expressions such as art, writing or music.
As Christians we believe that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate Counselor, and that we are here as His instruments to help you attain personal wholeness and peace of mind in Christ. With your desire and permission, we may explore issues of spirituality together. If it seems appropriate, the therapist may ask if he or she can pray with you.
Counselors will always ask permission from you before engaging in any of these therapeutic techniques. You will always have a voice and a choice in your sessions.