What is counseling?

Counseling is a relationship between a client and a helping professional (called a "counselor," "therapist," or "clinician"). A client and his or her therapist work together to understand and seek solutions for the client's life challenges. Examples of these challenges include physical or emotional health issues, life stressors, loss of some kind, a broken relationship, or patterns of thinking or behaving that have led to disappointing choices.
Fountain Gate counselors are able to optionally offer counseling from a faith-based perspective. However, the services of Fountain Gate are available to all persons in the community regardless of their religious beliefs. Counseling is carried out in an environment of respect, with the ultimate goal of wholeness and integrity in clients' personal lives and in their relationships with others.
Counseling is available for individuals (adults, adolescents, and children), couples, families, and groups, and may involve the services of one or more therapists.