The Prepare/Enrich Inventories are a family of questionnaires that examine your beliefs and practices related to marriage. The inventory family includes the following:
PREPARE: For couples planning to marry who do not have children.
PREPARE-MC: For couples planning to marry who have children.
PREPARE-CC: For cohabitating couples planning to marry.
ENRICH: For married couples seeking couple enrichment or counseling.
MATE: For older couples (50 years or older) planning to marry or facing other life transitions such as retirement or relocation.
These inventories cover a wide variety of areas relevant to marital health, such as personality styles, spiritual beliefs, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, financial management, leisure preferences, and much more. The Prepare/Enrich Inventories represent almost 30 years of development and have been administered to over 2.5 million couples.
Your counselor will provide you with instructions and login information for taking the Prepare/Enrich Inventory online. After receiving the instructions you may proceed to the online questionnaire and complete it. The results will be sent to your counselor who will discuss them with you in future sessions.